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  • DI001


    Make mealtimes more sociable with a new dining table.

    This stylish mid-century dining table boasts contemporary design that’s evident in its smooth, pure lines. With tapered legs and rounded edges, this charming dining table should take pride of place in your home.

    Made using Teak wood and left to its natural finish. This dining table makes it perfect for everything from cosy family dinners to larger dinner parties.


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  • LI005

    Traditionally, the pettagama had many uses. It was a wooden rice box that was used to store paddy, away from mice and moisture. These heavy trunks were used as treasure chests for people to store their money and valuables. Their weight ensured that they could not be stolen easily.

    The pettagama is not only a striking and timeless piece for your home but can also be used as a storage compartment. Crafted from natural teak wood, the top and the corners of pettagamas are usually decorated with brass studs and detailed pieces while the top is attached with large, engraved brass hinges. These days the pettagama is an iconic piece of furniture, which is used as a statement and decorative ornament while also doubling as a storage compartment.

  • LI009

    Known as Kavichchi in Sinhala, this divan is crafted out of sooriyamaara wood and is available in a variety of styles. Originally of Dutch origin, these large seats were crafted out of indigenous wood, which were afterwards carved with designs and motifs characteristic to Sri Lanka. By the 19th century they were found in verandahs and inside houses.

  • LI013

    Planters chairs were also known as verandah chairs as these chairs most often graced the verandah or the front porch. They were introduced by the british and may have originated in South India. They were called planters chairs or plantation chairs because they were popularized by the british as seating in the open gardens and verandahs of plantation bungalows in the hill country. Later on, they became a prominent part of our culture as well and were traditionally reserved for the patriarch of the house. The seats of these chairs are weaved out of rattan.

    For extra comfort a slip cover light feathery cushion can be inserted to the head of the chair. 

  • SL005

    Emphasizing the natural beauty of teak wood, our range of bedroom furniture combines robust design with superior quality. Carefully designed by our in-house design studio, each piece highlights the rich and earthy tones of its wood construction, while delicate carving and  detailing evokes a contemporary, yet sophisticated styling accent.

    The four poster canopy beds recall the bold architectural geometry of the 1970s brutalist movement. Handcrafted of rich, teak timber, our clean lined canopy bed features a base with a stepped motif, creating a subtle sense of movement and poetic repetition within the solid silhouette.


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